While there are many instruments available in the market that are commonly used, the two assessments chosen are the preferred tools. We found them highly useful, and so do our clients. These tools have been validated and well-researched. Both tools compliment one another. Both tools bring a high level of awareness of individual values development and his or her level of mastery of these intelligences as in the case of the SQ 21 Skills Inventory. It is in looking at the Personalysis assessment that one gets to gain deep appreciation for the diversity and patterns of preference of thinking, doing, and acting. Both tools provide enormous opportunities to support on building more wisdom and compassion, and being a fully-functioning adult.


Personalysis is a proprietary assessment tool for corporate and individual coaching clients providing insights into how one thinks, feels, and deals with others, and cope under stress. The personality interpretation and colorgraph will give you a snapshot that enable you to understand differences, gain self-awareness, better acceptance and collaboration, and manage your relationships with others. 

Spiritual Intelligence SQ 21 Skills Inventory

This assessment allows you to examine where you are today on developing and sustaing the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence. This expertly-crafted, carefully validated assessment is faith-neutral - in other words it does not matter what your belief system or religion is, the terminology used can fit your perspective. 

Holistic Assessment

We provide a complimentary assessment on your overall health from a physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual perspective